Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Complaints and Class; I've got 'em.

Writers Cafe is down, my Facebook quota has been filled for the next few years, I can't come up with anything to search on Etsy, and I can only read so many Yahoo stories.
So this is my only other option.

Ah...the quietness of the blog. I can practically hear my thoughts echo back to me, as I type them into existence...

'Tis magical.

*sigh* I need to get a hobby or something. Or even a theme. Just deciding on a solid theme for this blog would help me out immensely. I'm not sure why I even have a blog. I'm not helping anyone, I'm not helping myself. No one is learning anything or being entertained. Without purpose or design. I know that tune all-too-well.

Blah. This is getting depressing.
So to turn the mood, I'm going to show you some pictures of my two most recent purchases!
Excited yet?

First off we have my Lt. Edition wood print "Computer Love" by rosiemusic on Etsy. I was super excited about getting it and, even now, am anxiously awaiting it's safe arrival to my door.
I do so wish it was here now...

The cuteness is almost suffocating! Now to find a place to display it...

Next we have my new dress I bought for an upcoming night out to the Ballet! I wasn't sure it would work at first (being a little plain and, well dowdy) but I tried it on, and it fit like it had been custom made.
With Black kitten heels, clutch, pearls and a french twist updo, I'll be set!

On the hanger:

And on me (any excuse to wear it ^-^):

Very classic and retro. Reminds me of 60's Hollywood. Maybe a little Coco Chanel...?
Either way you spin it, it's mine and I love it!

So anyway, there we have it. I'd say we ended on a nice note today, but I must go.
Maybe someone's wrote on my wall while I was typing...hmm...

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