Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Greetings from Right Here

Hello there!
Lets cut right to the chase. I haven't been posting much lately due mainly to the fact that:

1. I am a lazy bum(and not even the fun beach kind. Just the regular old slothful type).

2. Lazy bums rarely do anything worth mentioning (but there is always a chance for that one exception...*wiggles eyebrows*...yeah, I don't know what I'm trying to hint at either).

3. My levels of "self-love" or enjoyment of the clickity-clack of the keypad just hasn't been enough lately to motivate me to pump out a page of rambling nonsense.

However, it is my sworn duty as a blogger to throw some worthless insight/photo/blurb/summary of my life at you, my dear patient audience, every two to three months.

To beginning the summary.

For the past month or so I have resisted and given into temptation multiple times(multiple is such a nice holy sounding word for "lots", don't you think?).
Yes, gentle reader.
I have purchased stuff I don't really need.

While you catch your breath, I'll elaborate:
I am currently in a decorating mode. The good Lord has smiled down on me in the form of a soon to be empty space that will soon to be my empty space.
I want to dress it up.
Make it feel pretty.
Take it out and show it a good time.
And this requires money. Which I have!
But...I feel silly buying stuff for the space, when the space could do without.

The space is simple, man. It doesn't need all the possessions 'n stuff man. It's chill.
And like secondly: Feed the poor and eat more veggies. It's, like, my will for you man.

Jesus says hi.

^ The sound of my conscience. When it's feeling hippie-ish and...stuff.

Really though, this whole mess of words is just ridiculous, and I'm going to save you for wasting even more of your time by just ending it on that "breaking every code of a blogger by admitting you have nothing worth saying" note.

I think I might just post some photos of my purchases next time.
Does that tickle your fancy?
Too bad. I'm dooin' it.

Do yourself a favor and don't ever
search "bum" on the internet. Unless your search engine
is one of the few that doesn't have a gutter brain,
you're going to be mighty regretful. Resist the temptation
to test me on this. I'm trying to save everyone I can.