Sunday, August 10, 2008

Jesus according to a Three Year Old.

"What is Jesus like?"

I always love asking little kids this question. Their answers are always so simple and yet so profound. Besides, they seem to understand Him at a deeper level than the rest of us. They seem to be nearer, closer. So I enjoy their unique insight into the spiritual realm, witnessing their perfect assurance and trust. Believing isn't a struggle for them yet. They just know. About a month ago I asked my youngest sister that question, not expecting the answer I got to come from a three year old. Her picture of Jesus is simple,pure and absolute. One of the most beautiful I've encountered. I had just been sitting there in her room one day, after she'd asked me to come watch her play, when I ask her, "What is Jesus like Cybil?" She looked up at me smiling, kind of shrugged her shoulders and replied "I no know."She returned to her playing for a while then added "Jesus loves me." "Not exactly original" I contemplated to myself "but it's something." I tried again "What does he look like?" "Brown." she answered with complete certainty, wrapping her baby-doll tightly in her blanket. "Brown hair?" She nodded. "Then what color are His eyes?" "Brown." she echoed, giggling as if it was something I should have known. "Common knowledge" her look implied. "Jesus loves me." "Yes He does." "I had a scary dream." Guessing she had changed the subject I asked what it was about. "Monsters." she replied frowning with seriousness. "What happened in your dream?" "Monsters are in my bed," she began, distress in her small voice, "And I crying. And a lion comes..." "Really," I interrupt "A lion?" "Yeah, yeah," she cries with excitement "and RAWR! And all the monsters go away," then adding "and then the lion turns into Jesus." As if nothing could be more natural. I said nothing as she she looked at me, a grin spread wide across her pixie face "I love Jesus" she sighs. She may not have known what she was saying but it didn't matter. Out of the mouth of a child, a baby, came praises of the Lord. "...And then the Lion turned into Jesus." I wonder if she knows the one where He turns into the Lamb.......

And thus, the Parade is begun... I am. *pause* Yeah, I don't really know what you were planning on "learning" here, because I can promise you that this whole "letting Caitlin have a blog" thing could do more damage than good. So prepare for rants, ramblings and other such adjectives starting with the letter R. Because they'll be here. In all their random and profound glory. Streaking unashamed through out your unsuspecting brain.

The Parade has begun...will you join me?