Saturday, June 27, 2009

Crazy Caitlin Fact: How I learned to spell.

Once upon a time, as luck would have it, I was born.
Yes. Yes, it's true. My karma was just -that- good from the start.

So I was born, and born to two people I'll call Freda and Mo.
Freda and Mo were (and still are) my Parents, and like all good parents they decided that education was a key part to a happy and successful life.
Soooo...they home-schooled me.

Some cry foul, some cheer; either way the deed was done and many a strange and wonderful thing came from that decision.
One of those things?

The way I learned to spell.

Spelling is a funny thing, especially when you speak the English language.
We have this amazing mixture of words we just decided to borrow from all other languages.

"Beauchamp? Sounds complex and unnecessary. Sweet. We'll take it!"

Take for instance the word Bologna (of all the dumb...mmph!) . Who exactly was head of the spelling department at the Butchers shop?
"Well uh, -we- pronounce it
'Ba-low-nee' ...but uh, this is the best spelling job we could come up with at the time.
(awkward pause)
It was late."


How can you spell that word and -not- think to yourself "Ba-log-nah"?
Insanity dear friends. Prue and unbridled in form and notion.

But back to my Education...

It was different. I learned a lot on my own.
And because my parents kept a decently sized library containing many classics, I found myself at age 11 reading more Austen than Amelia Badilia.

The result? British spelling system.
I swear, I was nearly 14 when I realized the proper American spelling of color contained no "u".
Of course it didn't hurt any then but now I find it hilarious.
Because you see, the great irony was that at the same time I was spelling color the proper English way and understanding terms like "fortnight" and "3 and 20", I was still spelling Honey the Winnie the Pooh way.
Yes. Hunny.

Anyway I did eventually figure out the heresy, and further understood that Winnie the Pooh was not a reference to be trusted when it came to literacy.

It was a sad day.

I mean you grow up with these people...practically blood...and to find out they've be leading you astray the whole time? Heartbreaking.

I got over it eventually, and I am proud to say I can now spell pretty darn well.
"Tore" still gives me a bit of trouble now and then...(pathetic isn't it?)
I seriously never have to use that word, but when I do it's a guaranteed brain trip.
Thirty seconds of frenzied self denial;

"I know how to spell that word...there's a "u" in there somewhere right? Right? There's got to be. It does sound a little British to me..."

Introducing: Crazy Caitlin Fact.

New deal for the blog here; I'm going to give you little facts about myself so as to better convince you of my delicious insanity (I'm not -really- insane I just like pretending sometimes ok?) .
Sound great?
Awesome. ^-^
I'll be sure to post one within the hour.

(Translation: As soon as I'm finished with this post.)

<------You may have noticed I went a little crazy with the icons.
Yes. I have a problem. Found them all on
Fun site. Great place to go to waste away half your day.
Check it out. *smile*

Friday, June 26, 2009

For The Days I Felt Rebellious...

This is for...

The days when I said exactly what I was
Those days I couldn't stop smiling
When I didn't care a smidgen about anything
anyone said.

Yeah, those days...

This is because of...

Those days I flexed my sarcastic wit
The days when I insisted on being your personal
rain cloud.
When I would've sooner bit the dust
then bite my tongue...

Yeah, those days...

The days I freaked you out.
Made you mad.
Made you cry.
Stole your happiness.
Stole you thunder.
Stole your brush (you know the one).

The days I hurt your feelings.
Gave you headaches.
Gave you grief.
Broke your heart.
Broke your trust.
Broke your mug (accident).

For those days I felt rebellious
All I have to say is this...


One day I'll grow out of those days.
Those days I'm sure you'll miss.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Two Brothers

Two glossy ravens

patter along the rusted tracks.

Visual heat.

Green and Blue sheen

melds with the metals reflected light.

Like acid to the eyes...

Scurrying across the burning path

long ago deserted.

Sound numbed.

Golden grassy stalks that border

dare not bend or rustle.

Like an army in salute...

The fowls pace is quickened

as the sickly sun sinks west.

Day's surrender.

Darkness stirs from it's slumber

slowly inks across the sky.

Like blood dropped in water...

Liquid black pupils survey the change

and press on forward.

Tracks vanish.

The hollow way abandoned

never finished, left to rot.

Like the broken-hearted...

Turning back towards the sun's corpse

returning to where they had come.

They march.

Tiny claws tapping rhythmically

the melody of the tracks.

Like haunting echos of the past...

They march on.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Ten Things I Fancy That I Did Not Receive For My Birthday

{ no particular order...}

1. An Entire Wardrobe Containing Anthropologie Clothing

2. A Mysterious and Romantic Masquerade Mask

3. An Antique Stereo Viewer

4. A Whole Wing of a Palace to Myself

5. A Lifetime Subscription to Frankie Magazine

6. A Whimsical Marionette Puppet

7. A Magical Carousel in the Forrest

8. A Bear-Hug from George Clooney

9. A Copy of "Ticket" by Cory Godbey

10. My Own Fairy Tale Adventure

Monday, June 22, 2009

Some-what Rhyming Update

Got my picture on my birthday!
Chris is married!
Meagan's left...

Saw "Year One"(wish I hadn't).
Found lost flip-flops.
Mine? Theft?

Friends still visiting. Just. want. sleep.
Need alone time.
Stop talking in your sleep!!!

No more cake or chocolate please.
Back to the gym
Won't admit defeat!

Two new pieces on the "Cafe"!
Check them out.
I was cynical that day...

Sleepy, stressed, grumpy, sad.
My tummy hurts.
Change makes me mad.

No more typing, nature calls.
God get ready.
Soon tears may fall...

Saturday, June 13, 2009

(500) Days of Summer : Movie Trailer

So I came across this film preview a couple days ago, saw the trailer, wanted to see it.
It's quirky, cute, indie-ish and boasted the likes of Zooey Deschanel & Joseph Gordon-Levitt {can you go wrong?} .
So making my way to the discussion board to get the full low-down, I came across a shocking and other-wise depressing conclusion...

...that I won't be sharing here.

Meet me at the theater on 17th of July and you can find out for yourself.
Or you can go to IMDB like I did, and spoil it.

Either way, expect the bitter/sweet feeling to last for a couple of days...

...or years...


Friday, June 5, 2009

Cory Godbey

My New Favorite Illustrator.
I stumbled upon him today while checking out another artist I had been curious about. I saw some of his posted work and was mesmerized...
So I followed the links to his blog where I found this...

Words can do no justice...

What a gift.
What an amazing ability he has that allows him to create images that unlock our minds and hearts to beauty eternal.
Oh how I wish I was that girl...

I hope you check him out.
His Blog: http: //
His Etsy Shop:
A collective site for himself and other amazing artists:

{As far as I know "Ticket" is not available in print, although I believe at one time it was. Here's to hoping it will be again soon!}

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Complaints and Class; I've got 'em.

Writers Cafe is down, my Facebook quota has been filled for the next few years, I can't come up with anything to search on Etsy, and I can only read so many Yahoo stories.
So this is my only other option.

Ah...the quietness of the blog. I can practically hear my thoughts echo back to me, as I type them into existence...

'Tis magical.

*sigh* I need to get a hobby or something. Or even a theme. Just deciding on a solid theme for this blog would help me out immensely. I'm not sure why I even have a blog. I'm not helping anyone, I'm not helping myself. No one is learning anything or being entertained. Without purpose or design. I know that tune all-too-well.

Blah. This is getting depressing.
So to turn the mood, I'm going to show you some pictures of my two most recent purchases!
Excited yet?

First off we have my Lt. Edition wood print "Computer Love" by rosiemusic on Etsy. I was super excited about getting it and, even now, am anxiously awaiting it's safe arrival to my door.
I do so wish it was here now...

The cuteness is almost suffocating! Now to find a place to display it...

Next we have my new dress I bought for an upcoming night out to the Ballet! I wasn't sure it would work at first (being a little plain and, well dowdy) but I tried it on, and it fit like it had been custom made.
With Black kitten heels, clutch, pearls and a french twist updo, I'll be set!

On the hanger:

And on me (any excuse to wear it ^-^):

Very classic and retro. Reminds me of 60's Hollywood. Maybe a little Coco Chanel...?
Either way you spin it, it's mine and I love it!

So anyway, there we have it. I'd say we ended on a nice note today, but I must go.
Maybe someone's wrote on my wall while I was typing...hmm...