Friday, June 26, 2009

For The Days I Felt Rebellious...

This is for...

The days when I said exactly what I was
Those days I couldn't stop smiling
When I didn't care a smidgen about anything
anyone said.

Yeah, those days...

This is because of...

Those days I flexed my sarcastic wit
The days when I insisted on being your personal
rain cloud.
When I would've sooner bit the dust
then bite my tongue...

Yeah, those days...

The days I freaked you out.
Made you mad.
Made you cry.
Stole your happiness.
Stole you thunder.
Stole your brush (you know the one).

The days I hurt your feelings.
Gave you headaches.
Gave you grief.
Broke your heart.
Broke your trust.
Broke your mug (accident).

For those days I felt rebellious
All I have to say is this...


One day I'll grow out of those days.
Those days I'm sure you'll miss.

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