Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Ten Things I Fancy That I Did Not Receive For My Birthday

{...in no particular order...}

1. An Entire Wardrobe Containing Anthropologie Clothing

2. A Mysterious and Romantic Masquerade Mask

3. An Antique Stereo Viewer

4. A Whole Wing of a Palace to Myself

5. A Lifetime Subscription to Frankie Magazine

6. A Whimsical Marionette Puppet

7. A Magical Carousel in the Forrest

8. A Bear-Hug from George Clooney

9. A Copy of "Ticket" by Cory Godbey

10. My Own Fairy Tale Adventure


Liza said...

Awe. We often do not get what we want, but we certainly get what we deserve. I hope you had a memorable, fun-filled birthday. :-)

Fondly, Caitlin said...

Absolutely agree. ^_^
Thank you for the Birthday wishes!