Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Greater Love

I stood on a dry and barren ground.

The chalky red earth stirred restlessly around me.
...The sand slithering along the dunes...
One dark, dead, scraggly tree marked the horizon.


Then I saw it there, flying fast against the wind. A form.
Beautiful. Frightening. Free.
Like a lion, but feathered like an eagle; the air swelled with the rhythm of it's wings.

A Gryphon from the East.
The brightness of the Sun was harnessed in the glint of its bronze coated feathers.
The fluidity of the wind governed its movements.
Awe inspiring and magnificent; I watched as it flew nearer.

But then suddenly...a great darkness came upon us...
Thickening the air with a haze that could be felt, I heard the being as it fought against the power and felt its struggle.

...And then witnessed its descent from the heavens.

Wings torn but triumphant, its body hurled to the ground.
Its impact shattered the world...and something changed.

As I drew closer to the wreckage of the body I saw that, among the broken and torn wings, lay a man. On his side, his back toward me, and breathing laboriously.
His back bloodied...his body bruised...

Hesitantly I reached out to him, and turning his face towards mine, saw that he was Love.
Where his heart had been there was a deep wound; and before I could react I felt the knife in my hand.

...and the warm stickiness of his blood between my fingers...

He opened his eyes, clear and nearly white, and spoke fondly as he placed his wings into my arms:

"For you..."

Monday, September 21, 2009

Mark DeRidder Animation

Stumbled upon this today and couldn't stop smiling. In fact the whole Animation Mentor group has put up some very funny and entertaining clips there on YouTube. The celebrity bit is my favorite so far. ^-^ Enjoy and check out their other stuff.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Page to Film :: The Westing Game

Basic Plot Summary:
Sixteen individuals that live or work in the Sunset Towers apartment building are summoned to the hearing of the will of wealthy industrialist, Samuel W. Westing.
The will takes the form of a puzzle, and they soon learn that they must play along if they have any hopes of receiving any of the deceased businessman's money. Following the wills instructions, they are divided up into eight pairs, each pair given a different set of clues, and challenged to solve the mystery of which of them killed Samuel W. Westing. Whoever solves the mystery will inherit Westing's $200,000,000 fortune, and they don't have much time left.

List of Characters:
(thanks to Wiki for helpful character summaries!)


Tabitha-Ruth Alice "Turtle" Wexler: Largely neglected and brushed aside by her mother in favor of her older sister Angela, Turtle acts out to get attention, often kicking shins, especially when someone touches her braids. Turtle approaches the Westing game like a market capitalist, and ultimately sees through Westing's misdirection to understand the real mystery behind Sam Westing's game.

My Cast Choice: Georgie Henley


Theo Theodorakis: George and Catherine Theodorakis's high-school-aged son, Theo is a nice enough kid, but not probing in his analysis. He often fails to see the real truth behind the obvious facade. He takes care of his brother, Christos, but uses his brother's condition as an excuse to not choose a college to go to.

My Cast Choice: Max Thieriot


Angela Wexler: Most of the tenants of Sunset Towers dismiss Angela as just another pretty face. She is engaged to up-and-coming plastic surgeon Dr. Denton Deere with the strong support of her mother, although Angela still harbors reservations. Although her little sister Turtle would scarcely believe it, Angela is jealous of Turtle's ability to defy authority.

My Cast Choice: Claire Danes


D. Denton Deere: Interning to become a plastic surgeon and engaged to Angela Wexler, Denton Deere is sometimes depicted as being absent-minded or inattentive.

My Cast Choice: Lee Pace


Grace Windsor Wexler: Grace is conscious of social class to a fault; she is extremely concerned with presenting herself as culturally sophisticated and high-born, fancying herself an heiress and a decorator rather than a housewife, stressing her regal "Windsor" name, and identifying her podiatrist husband as a "doctor." She is not as shallow as she comes across, having married for love and not for money, but is determined that her daughter Angela will fare better in life than she did.

My Cast Choice: Diane Lane


Dr. Jake Wexler: Jake Wexler is a podiatrist (foot doctor) and an avid bookie. He is a caring father and loving husband. Jake Wexler mostly just tries to keep his family together, worrying about Angela's insecurities and his wife's anxieties.

My Cast Choice: William H.Macy


James Shin Hoo: Having failed at his career as an inventor, he started a restaurant in Sunset Towers that isn't very successful and he doesn't understand his wife or his "dumb jock" of a son. Despite his surly demeanor, though, he does have a caring side, expressed through his practical and ingenious solutions to others' problems.

My Cast Choice: Jackie Chan


Sydelle Pulaski: Sydelle is a habitually overlooked person. She decided to fight against the anonymity brought on by her working-class upbringing as the child of immigrants by capitalizing on whatever chance events might bring her attention: her having the only transcript of the will (even though it is in Polish), by dint of her secretarial training; her young, attractive partner; her injury, which she exaggerates by painting her crutches; and her accidental status as a Westing heir itself.

My Cast Choice: Frances McDormand

Doug Hoo
Otis Amber
Berthe Erica Crow
Flora Baumbach
Josie-Jo Ford
Edgar "E.J." Plum
Sun Lin Hoo
George and Catherine Theodorakis
Christos Theodorakis
Dr. Sidney Sikes
Sandy McSouthers
and Julian R. Eastman have yet to be paired with an Actor and in some cases I think would be best played by an unknown.

I really wish I could have done the whole cast but I just wasn't finding what I needed to complete it. :/ Maybe you think you could?
Feel free to offer any suggestions, or ask any questions as to why that person. Or if you just hate the whole list and feel like you need to say so, say so!
This is America, gosh dang it! Act like it.

"Oh beautiful for spacious skies..." ;D

Up next:
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