Thursday, May 31, 2012

3rd Degree

If you feel burnt,
It was your own hands
that set me 

Monday, May 28, 2012

|| In memoriam cecidit ||

"War is older than mankind,
But it’s younger than grace."
American soldier & French orphan

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Fun with Mr. & Mrs. Charles...

The original Nick & Nora 
had nothing to do with playlists;
infinite of otherwise. 


A relaxing Memorial Day weekend to you all!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

/ Slanted Mansion /

Hiya kids! Breezing through just to show you a new favorite site of mine that steals plenty of time both while reading and then daydreaming after the fact. Thanks to the beautiful people at  frankie magazine I became acquainted with the Slanted Mansion and it's been a whirlwind romance ever since. In a nutshell it's a place where creative people interview/photograph creative people in their creative places. Everyone wins.
Proof of awesomeness ~ Exhibit A:  

{^my favorite interview/'mansion' so far}

Do look them up. 
It's a guaranteed visual feast with fun characters and interesting stories to boot.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Where's My 30's Film Star Twin?

Ms. Sylvia Sidney and Ms. Amanda Seyfried respectively... 

Uncanny, right? 
I'm beginning to think this is a better match of likeness than even Chris and Ricky.
I'm learning so much from my latest purchase...

Have a lovely weekend...<3

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

<> Hello my little friends <>

So I have some confessing to do.
I have this hobby...
No, scratch that.
I have this obsession
It started some years ago, around the time I realized the full extent of my infatuation with The Past...

Officially {that is, according to my Etsy transaction records} it all began with this:

Yes, this was the snapshot that started it all.
I can't say for sure what about this picture started me on the road of vintage photography collecting.
Could be the romantic sentiment, or the overall aesthetic.
Maybe it was because I recognized a kindred spirit within the unnamed girl.
Realizing subconsciously that the way she holds her arm at her side {like a slightly retarded but no less adorable T-rex} was the same manner in which my own occasional awkwardness would manifest itself.

Regardless, what was done was done and now I find myself quite happy to be digging in baskets of of old photos in the most obscure antique booths and flea markets, claiming the unnamed and unwanted as my own.
Hoping, perhaps, to learn their secrets.


The fruits of my latest endeavor are as follows:
(Please do not view .gif if you have a heart condition or are prone to seizures. It's a little intense, ya'll.)

Like I said, it's an obsession now, and not one I would even venture to call "healthy".
But this illness of carefully sorting through mounds of glossy images of black & white and faded sepia in search of that ever elusive peek of beauty, of "something more than us-ness", is one I'm quite willing to suffer through.


   Oh and yes.
Yes, you did just see the Pope.


Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Lessons in "Creative License": Or How I Realized I Loved Self-Publishing

 A picture is worth a thousand words...and not one of those words found in the picture below belong to me.

{Most of the original artwork has been obscured}

What you are looking at is the talent of an unknown individual with whom I frequent the same campus and apparently likewise enjoy the varied facets of the Arts. Said person's talent was (in my opinion) badly paired with a short piece of prose I submitted to be published in our school literary journal. Badly paired I would say because it is obvious that the sentiment of the piece was completely misunderstood by the powers-that-be on that obviously overworked, underpaid, and slightly depressed committee.
The piece in question:

"I sit here waiting for Inspiration...
...while Inspiration sits somewhere waiting for me."

Now I understand how there might have been a slight snafu...but surely when in doubt we should err on the side of light-hearted and not morose sentiment?
For the record, this little thought was penned in a moment of frustration with my frequent bouts of writers block. Not, as the school committee would have you believe, in response to the knowledge that my middle school boyfriend dumped me for his cousin. It was meant as an encouragement. Inspiration for myself especially not to let time go by waiting for something to happen; something is happening, we just need to do our part and show up.

To the Artist, if you ever read this, this slightly miffed rant is in no way directed towards you. I actually like your style, and if it wasn't so completely off base with the message I was trying to convey, I'd gladly welcome the association (on that note, I wonder how you took the pairing...?).

No, my beef is with the folks who have (however unintentionally) mislead the twelve total people who will clap eyes on my humble submission in the journal; misrepresenting a sentiment I think a lot of people would do well to hear. Thanks for the laughs and the lesson on the meaning of "Creative License".
*tips hat* It's been a gas.

...But Joy Comes With The Morning...

{{two little surprises greeted me this morning & I'm quite taken with them}}