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sometimes my best days 
are the ones 
in which my bruised tongue 
is the only casualty

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I Spy With My Little Eye...

...Something from Etsy that I'd like to buy. <3

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Doggy Doodle! :D

Little doodle 
I done did 
with a noodle
{but not really}

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New Shtuff \\ Anreise Venture

Well hello there! Stopping by for some shameless self-promotion, al la a new blog of mine I hope you'll check out/follow/participate in.

Please give a kindly welcome to my new pet project, The Anreise Venture:

In a nutshell, the blog is a combination of my love of architecture, old photographs, and learning. I realize it won't be everyone's cup 'o tea but it will satisfy your inner wanderlust-y historian if such a elven spirit in you exists. It will be so much fun if readers join in and actively participate, but I will take immense joy in the project even if I am its sole audience. ^-^

Take a peek and please join in the gaiety if you like what you see!

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My New Favorite Thing || PBS' Idea Channel

Amidst the trash that clogs up YouTube, there is a beckon of light:
PBS' Idea Channel.

I've loved it from the first; enjoying it's playful and yet philosophical discussions on matters of art, music, and video games and this current culture's relation to them.
Fun stuff.
Here's a sampling below, in which a comment I made may or may not have been referred to at the end. ;}

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We need more of this stuff out there. :)

God Shed His Grace on Thee

"America makes prodigious mistakes, America has colossal faults, but one thing cannot be denied: America is always on the move. She may be going to Hell, of course, but at least she isn't standing still."
e. e. cummings


Happy 4th & God bless!

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Childhood Crushes - Part II

 Welcome back! As promised:

Childhood Crushes - Part II

no.8 || Cary Grant via every film strip that was ever fortunate enough to bear the image of his likeness...but initially "His Girl Friday" and "Charades".
I loath fan girls and despise the celebrity obsessed. But I throw all functioning judgment to the wind when I see this man’s face. Cary Grant (or if you take your drinks straight, Archie Leech), is -the- man of my couple-decades-too-late-to-be-realized dreams. I don’t know when, or where, or why…but man I got it good. He’s not the perfect actor, comedian, or male specimen.
But he’s close enough.

He makes my heart feel all soupy. 




 In ladies' negligee...<3

 He's kinda my favorite.

*sigh* Love that man...

 I could go on but I think you might get the point. ;}
p.s. This is the crush that stuck. <3


no. 9 || Yul Brynner via "The King & I" and “The Ten Commandments”.
The true majesty of Brynner is in his rumbling vocal cords. The man could read a car manual and I would sit spellbound for hours. His famous scowl never did scare me away.

And this. This also may have something to do with his appeal.


I recently re-watched The Ten Commandments because I 
remembered how fondly I enjoyed it when I was younger.
Turns out I really was just interested in this little subplot. 
Sorry Moses.


no. 10 || The Men of Jurassic Park
The original Jurassic Park was my first PG-13 movie to see and it was love at first suspenseful sight. In addition to the dino-packed adventure, there’s just something fun about sweaty men fighting off dinosaurs.

Dr. Alan Grant and his cute paternal thing.

 Dr. Malcolm and his Jeff Goldblum-ness.

The Game Warden and his foxy man knees.

I guess Vince Vaughn was alright too.


no. 11 || George Clooney via Danny Ocean in "Ocean's Eleven".
There wasn’t much chance of anyone sitting through Ocean’s 11 without incurring at least a slight infatuation with one of the male characters. My lot fell to Mr. Clooney because he channels that old Cary Grant style so well and really, just look at that mug. 

A girl could get lost in those laugh lines for a long time.

I always thought he'd make the perfect Devlin in a Notorious remake.

It's like he knows that we know that he's gorgeous.


no. 12 || Howlin’ Pelle Almqvist via The Hives.
I think I decided at the tender age 14 that I would never get involved with a musician. I weighed the pros and cons and resolved that it was never gonna happen. Maybe I’d been exposed to too many swoony guitar strumming crooners at youth functions to avoid the bitter cynicism. However I have not completely defied the right of passage for every adolescent girl; that is a slight infatuation with a musical idol. And boy did I land on a doozy…and maybe therein lies the crux because he kind of scares me. I would never seek to meet this man in person, nor would I touch him if I ever did for fear of contracting some fabulous disease from his fantastic personage. I can honestly say I would run away from this man if every our paths met. But my goodness those eyes…*sigh*
Ladies and Gentleman, Howlin’ Pelle:

 I am terrified of this man. Just terrified.

Oh Sweden, the things you do to me.

He even blows his own mind.


no. 13 || Alan Rickman via Sense & Sensibility and Galaxy Quest
I loooovvve Alan Rickman. Love him. Would never meet him in person, or buy a throw with his face on it, but that man’s got a soft spot in my heart. You see it all started with the movie called Galaxy Quest. And then Sense & Sensibility. And I was hooked. Who was this man that could handle pathos so well; both in the name of romantic drama and then also in farcical comedy? And that voice! An audio book of him reading Green Eggs and Ham should really be a thing, people. Let’s get on that.

One of my top five favorite movie characters of all time.

And who could forget this?

I liked him before Harry Potter, too.


no. 14 || Jason Isaacs via most anything he’s in.
I hated his evilness in Patriot, laughed at his pathetic state in Peter Pan, and fell for him somewhere in between. A lot this has to do with his devious grin. And his frosty eyes of intensity are pretty darling as well. And am I picking up on a little bit of a pre-married to Maria Captain Von Trapp vibe too…?

That is definitely a Captain Von Trapp look.

Dimples? Does it matter?

Handlebar mustache. You're welcome.


no. 15 || Liam Neeson via whatever role he is playing.
There’s something about Liam. He’s a fantastic actor and persona-wise, he’s like the Irish John Wayne. Big. Bad. Ain’t gonna take nobody’s stuff. I’ve found that I quite like that. And the fact that he sometimes looks like a white historically inaccurate Jesus is only ever a plus.

It's only fitting that the the the man who voiced
Aslan also kinda looked Jesus-y.

A voice that could soothe a baby...

...and a gun that could silence everyone else.


Hope everyone made it out of all that in one piece. 
I assure you all these "crushes" were of the most innocent nature. 
Except perhaps Cary Grant...I can't vouch for that being completely healthy. ;}
 And now, as the pig is apt to say, "That's all folks".
{see part I here}

Childhood Crushes

Welcome back dear friends! I'm afraid there won't be much wisdom or inspiration imparted in the blog post this day... instead just a lot of semi-cathartic ramblings on the topic of men and which ones in particular captured my fancy when I was just a wee thing til now. Very soft PG comedy type stuff here. I swear I won't quote Freud or Jung once. ;D

The idea has been with me for a while now, starting when I mentally tried to recall every childhood fancy I took and likewise tried to decipher why I was so drawn to that character in particular at that stage in my life.As you might have guessed my Fridays have been quite free as of late...

But seriously now! This is some deep stuff, people. Besides the answer to the question of "who was your first non-real person (i.e. fictional character) crush?" is very telling. I enjoy watching peoples reaction as they recall too. *laughs*

Anyhoo, I've made a list of 15 persons whom, at one point in my life, epitomized what I thought a man ought to be.
Or they just had really pretty faces.
Either way. ;}

And now:

My Childhood Crushes
{in chronological order}

no.1 || Han Solo via Harrison Ford.
 Yes. It’s true. My first crush, my first infatuation, my first dip into the tumultuous ocean that is the opposite sex…the first guy I looked at and said to myself “yep, that’s for me” was Han flippin’ Solo.
Let me just say that I am not exceedingly proud of this and in fact blame my three older brothers for creating the atmosphere in which this occurred. The Star Wars Trilogy was never far from our VCR and there was a point (sadly, it may not even be past) when I could quote every movie verbatim. Let’s just say it was love due to proximity

And the swashbuckler attitude. 

And the cool leather duds. 

And that devious smirk.

Thanks, George Lucas. Because of you, Imma a card carrying nerd 4 life.


no.2 || James T. West via Robert Conrad in "Wild Wild West".
We watched a lot of old reruns growing up. Green Acres, Brady Bunch, I Love Lucy, Bonanza, I Dream of Jeannie…if it ran between the hours of 3 and 5, chances are we watched it. But one of our most favorite series (that is one we could miraculously all agree on as a family)  was Wild Wild West. Action, mystery, romance, bromance; this show had it all. I’m even convinced it started me on the path of 60’s lovin’ thanks to the fabulous colors schemes of the sets. I loved it for all these reasons, plus one more: James T. West. 

Honestly, with a face like that, what's to explain. 
The man was genetically blessed, the end. 

There was a lot of -this- going on...

Even, or rather -especially-, in the torture scenes.

I always had this inkling that I should like Artemas more. 
He was the better/nicer/more loyal dude.
I never was successful in convincing myself.


no.3 ||  Brother Benjamin via Jeff Richards in Seven Brides for Seven Brothers.
From day one of my existence there have been musicals. Good, bad, funny, sad…they’ve always been there in my life. One in particular that got played over and over in our house thanks to the plethora of macho men in the chorus line was “Seven Brides for Seven Brothers”. I literally can’t remember a time before this movie. I also don’t recall the first moment I decided I fancied one brother in particular...but I’m pretty sure I always wanted to be Dorcus (despite her having such an unfortunate name), so maybe my girlish mind just took the next logical step and decided that Brother Benjamin was the guy for me. 

It didn’t even matter that he almost never danced or spoke.

...Strong and silent would do.

Wanting to be Dorcas wasn't just about having the prettiest face…


no.4 || Captain von Trapp via Christopher Plummer
Interestingly enough, I only really cared for the Captain for the first part of the movie. After he marries Maria and goes from Simon Cawell to Mr. Rodgers, he kinda looses my interest. But just kinda. Now that I’m older I realize I pretty much just have a huge crush on Christopher Plummer in whatever role he’s in. 

He is Canada’s greatest accomplishment.

I love this man. <3

*deep and extensive sigh*


no. 5 || Mr. Darcy via Austen's timeless story and Colin Firth in Pride & Prejudice.
He's Fitzwilliam freaking Darcy. ‘Nuff said.

Best part of the movie. 
Anyone who tells you otherwise should be doused with holy water.

He pulls off the "wet" look quite well.

There are few sights I relish more than that of a man in torment over love.
Blame Austen.


no. 6 || Gilbert Blythe via the book series I'll never be too old to reread.
In a way, Gilbert Blythe was the first male character that gave me hope for malekind. Throughout the book series I learned that yes, those annoying gross boys do grow into butterflies after the unsightly and irritating “pupa stage” that is adolescence. That boy that burps in your ear? Given a few years maybe -just maybe- he’ll become a decent human being. That was a hope many of us pre-teen girl needed/yearned to hear. He could be smug, rude, insensitive, and aggravating, but at the end of the last page there was no doubt that we could all do with a Gilbert in our own lives. 

The poster boy for gentle persistence...

...and the torment that is adolescent male aggravation.

Wuv, twu wuv...


no. 7 || Laurie via Christian Bale in Little Women.
Theodore Laurence and his fate of forever remaining in Jo’s “friend-zone” became something almost personal to me while first reading Little Women. Shaking my head in frustration never altered that moment when Jo broke not only Laurie’s heart, but mine as well. And the whole Amy deal? Ooh, don’t even get me started… Plus pre-outbust Christian Bale was always a lovely thought.

We know Laurie, we know how unfair it is...

No matter how many times I rewatch or still stings a little.

I don't know which is worse: Jo not marrying Laurie, or Amy snagging him.


Brief Intermission Music


And now...Part II!
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