Sunday, March 2, 2014

Page to Film :: A Room With A View

Hello there and welcome to the latest installment of my fantasy film casting pet project! If you're new here, I like to imagine and cast for my favorite books if they were to be made (or remade) into a film version.
Today we have a new favorite of mine: E.M. Forester's A Room with a View

I first read Forester's A Passage to India and was just mesmerized by how easily I could just completely submerge myself into his written world; the people, the places, descriptions...everything just breathed with authenticity...there was hardly any disbelief to suspend.

So I was quite prepared to enjoy A Room with a View and - not surprisingly - I did so very much. :)

Set in the Edwardian Era, the story follows the travels and romantic misadventures of Lucy Honeychurch as she tries to tread safely into the waters of an adulthood within traditional society while also nursing unconventional ideals and curiosities.

My Casting choices are as follows:
{p.s. my cast is a tad "old" for the story, but I just can't change it - they're too perfect! ;D)

 Lucy Honeychurch
A young Englishwomen who is unsure of herself 
and the world she is ever so hesitatingly curious to experience.
Elisabeth Moss

Charlotte Bartlett
Lucy's traditionalist spinster cousin who chaperones 
her on their trip to Italy.
Dame Judi Dench

Vicar Beebe
A friendly neighbor to the Honeychurch, Mr. Beebe leases his cottage to 
the Emerson's and tries to facilitate their acceptance within the community.
Stanley Tucci

Miss Lavish
A mediocre armchair novelist, Miss Lavish makes friends with Lucy and 
Cousin Charlotte while traveling in Italy and yet only adds to the mischief of the trip.
Penelope Wilton 

Mr. Emerson
An old, antisocial freethinker, Mr. Emerson is a rough-around-the-edges Englishman who has no patience for the ridiculous conventions of traditional English life.
Ian McKellen

George Emerson
Meeting Lucy and her cousin while traveling with his father in Italy, George is as deviant as his father in opinion and scandalously honest by conservative English standards.
Mark Duplass

Cecil Vyse
A comically pretentious, yet fashionable young Londoner, Cecil is smitten by Lucy in Rome and follows her back to Surrey where he proposes to her for the third time.
Benedict Cumberbatch

Freddy Honeychurch
Lucy's younger, cheeky brother who makes sport of all 
involved in the awkward situation.
Andrew Garfield

Mrs. Honeychurch
Lucy's loving but cautious mother.
Sinead Cusack


I know there are many who would cry foul to this casting round up (especially since a much younger yet still brilliant Judi Dench held the role of Miss Lavish in the 1985 film adaption ) but flawed as it might be, these were the faces that fit when I read the book.
Anywho, there be my dream cast. Care to share yours? :)