Monday, May 25, 2009

Movie Reveiw: Sherlock Holmes

Reviewing movie trailers. Something new I thought I'd try.
And what better movie to review than the new take on an old classic?
Sherlock Holmes.
I was so happy when I heard they'd be making a film based on the iconic character.
And Robert Downey Jr?
A strange choice but he's a great actor in his own right.

So harboring all the excitement that had been mounting since the day I first heard, I got my first glimpse today.

I could not look away... was that disappointing.

My first and most hardy protest:
Rachel McAdam's Character.
Must we always have a sassy slut of a Hollywood portrayal in the stead of a perfectly good, well drawn out, and *gasp* complex female character?
(Sidenote: I have no hate for the Actress herself, I just find her character to be annoyingly misinterpreted and obnoxiously unnecessary.)

Can we not just forgo with the cheesy lines?
I'd rather watch half an hour of Mr. Holmes shooting himself up, than suffer through half a minute of the inevitable banter he and Ms. Adler will no doubt spew in an attempt to create tension and chemistry. Not to mention all the snippety lines Jude Law's Watson has the potential to share.

"Whoa ho!" you say.
"You haven't even seen it yet. You can't judge it by the trailer alone."
Oh but I can. And in all honesty, that's sort of the whole point of a movie trailer.
A clever device used to convince the greater public that this is the type of film they want to see before the film is even released.

*sigh* I -really- want to like this.
I really do.
But I'm not sure it will let me.

Anyway, I'll probably see it.
That's all they care about in the end.
If we'll pay or not.
I might.
I've seen much worse.

My closing thought: How long will we have to wait until Sir Arthur Conan Doyle is given cinematic justice?

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Roses & Whiskey

Beautiful Tramp sucking slowly on a lit Cigar
Roses & Whiskey
Smoke curls 'round full lips
The room pulses with her breath
Doe eyes blinking
Temptation wears a Black Dress...

Someones Dirty Secret arched against the matted wall
Horror & Ecstasy
Twisting pearls like Men
Around her slender fingers
Ivory chest quivering
Seduction wears Stilettos...

The World's favorite Playmate when the lights are turned down low
Worshiped & Damned
Closer than you think
Choking on her breath
Lips loosening
Lust knows your name...

...Sin owns your heart.

{Inspired by the photo above. Hope you like. *smile*}

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Real quick

Sorry I haven't posted in a while.
What can I say? Life stinks like that sometimes.
Anyhoo I just thought I'd share really quick one of my most favorite commercials.
I really could watch it over and over...

I am not a drinker nor do I endorse this product in any way, but I can say one thing about this advertisment: It sure as heck would be -some- rockin' party. *wink*

[Song is "Daylight" by Mat and Kim]

Sunday, May 10, 2009

To the Mothers on this day...

...and especially mine...


You know who you know how great you are too.
Hey, if you've got it flaunt it.

Anyways I just wanted to say a quick thanks on this day, I'm not going to go into some long-winded speech about how much mothers contribute to the world because everyone should already know this.
And if you don't, well now you know (and knowing is half the battle!).

I think it's safe to say that we wouldn't be here if it wasn't for you...*smile*

You rock and we love you.

To Mothers! ^_^

Print by Sascalia via Etsy

Monday, May 4, 2009

Yes, I've changed the title...

...It was bound to happen someday so I just made that day today.

What can I say, it was too long.
And sort'a dumb.
And cheesy.

Anywho it's been done away with.

Instead of "A Parade of Insanity Known Fondly as Caitlin" we have simply "A Parade of Insanity".

Everyone knows it's me we're talking about anyways so there's no real loss. *smile*

The WritersCafe server is down and I am in much distress because of it. u_u
I have learned that at one point in the sites past, everyone's writings were deleted because of a similar occurrence and I -dearly- hope this is not the case.

*sigh* Just wish they would fix the problem soon...

Saturday, May 2, 2009

The many faces of Lee Pace (aka Ned)

For you...*wink*

Pushing Daisies

So I was bored and found this and had no other place to put it but here. *smile* Lovely show and actor. You wouldn't regret looking either up. Anyhoo, I gots to go. Enjoy and we'll chat again soon!

2nd row, 4th across. *wink*