Monday, May 4, 2009

Yes, I've changed the title...

...It was bound to happen someday so I just made that day today.

What can I say, it was too long.
And sort'a dumb.
And cheesy.

Anywho it's been done away with.

Instead of "A Parade of Insanity Known Fondly as Caitlin" we have simply "A Parade of Insanity".

Everyone knows it's me we're talking about anyways so there's no real loss. *smile*

The WritersCafe server is down and I am in much distress because of it. u_u
I have learned that at one point in the sites past, everyone's writings were deleted because of a similar occurrence and I -dearly- hope this is not the case.

*sigh* Just wish they would fix the problem soon...

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