Monday, November 10, 2008

At the Mention of a Kaleidoscope...

I smile,laughter tickling my lips.

My eyes lusting after the twirling figures, their luminous colors given texture and life as the light passes through it.

I feel excited, yet not fully understanding why.

Why after simply hearing it's name my mind is sent racing, releasing my long slumbering Child-Nature, who now wishes to come out and play.

Could it be the shimmering colors?

The shades awakening a deeper conciseness reaching even to my soul.

Or is it the shapes?

Dancing effortlessly throughout the patterns, hypnotizing.

But still maybe it's the light, bringing depth and clarity, completing the pleasing display.

Even still, I believe it's because every picture is different, every image a once-in-a-lifetime.

With every turn I witness that which will never be seen again.

My own private miracle.

One would imagine that with such a rare and striking beauty before them, there it would remain, untouched, satisfied with the vision of rarity.

But of course, it is quickly sacrificed, it's individual wonder never to be reclaimed in full again.

All in the hope of beholding an even more awe inspiring scene.

Like a water that leaves you thirsty, the sight of Beauty does not extinguish the craving, but rather enhances it.

It's frozen dance begun again with the desire for something better, something more.

We will never stop turning, we can never be satisfied.

The Beauty of Today will be sacrificed in pursuit of The Beauty of Tomorrow.