Wednesday, May 16, 2012

<> Hello my little friends <>

So I have some confessing to do.
I have this hobby...
No, scratch that.
I have this obsession
It started some years ago, around the time I realized the full extent of my infatuation with The Past...

Officially {that is, according to my Etsy transaction records} it all began with this:

Yes, this was the snapshot that started it all.
I can't say for sure what about this picture started me on the road of vintage photography collecting.
Could be the romantic sentiment, or the overall aesthetic.
Maybe it was because I recognized a kindred spirit within the unnamed girl.
Realizing subconsciously that the way she holds her arm at her side {like a slightly retarded but no less adorable T-rex} was the same manner in which my own occasional awkwardness would manifest itself.

Regardless, what was done was done and now I find myself quite happy to be digging in baskets of of old photos in the most obscure antique booths and flea markets, claiming the unnamed and unwanted as my own.
Hoping, perhaps, to learn their secrets.


The fruits of my latest endeavor are as follows:
(Please do not view .gif if you have a heart condition or are prone to seizures. It's a little intense, ya'll.)

Like I said, it's an obsession now, and not one I would even venture to call "healthy".
But this illness of carefully sorting through mounds of glossy images of black & white and faded sepia in search of that ever elusive peek of beauty, of "something more than us-ness", is one I'm quite willing to suffer through.


   Oh and yes.
Yes, you did just see the Pope.


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