Monday, May 23, 2011

Further proof that I am technologically inept....

So I just now found the stats tab on my blogger dashboard.

Some two years of semi-coherent babbling...
...and I finally notice that something is actually "keeping count". ;)

Well played, Blogger. Well played indeed...

After I got done face-palming myself, I really enjoyed seeing just how many people had been unfortunate enough to stumble upon my slice of the web.
Not the sum of the numbers, but how they were divided is what I got a kick out of.
Wanna know my greatest post? My Pièce de résistance? My Magnum Opus?

Well, according to you, and the rest of the Page to Film post on "The Westing Game."

Trippy, huh?
Either people really like that book, or film execs are secretly thinking about getting a movie in the works and are stopping by for some casting inspiration.
Either way, I stew with curiosity and conspiracy theories...^-^

I also have a pretty good list of of views from around the globe.
True most of the turn out comes from the U.S of A (home-court deal and all).
But lovely folks from the UK, Canada, Australia, Germany, France, Brazil, Mexico, Italy, and Poland keep coming back for more (insanity breeds insanity?) and help round out the top ten.
Love your faces, guys.

Some very honorable mentions include the Philippines, Indonesia, India, and anyone browsing through their handy-dandy iPad. Your love is truly cherished.

Sadly, not one page view from Sweden yet.

But I intend to change that...righttt...NOW!

Rock on, beautiful Swedes. Rock on.

Really and truly though, anytime someone dares to click on any link to my blog (intended or accidental) I am left flattered and very appreciative.
I can only hope the experience is as gratifying to you on your end, as it is to me on mine. :)

I'm not linking the Sweden wiki page to this post because I believe people to be ignorant of the country's existence. Rather because everyone should definitely learn more about the place and people that gave the world both Ingrid Bergman and IKEA.
Just sayin'. <3

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