Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Non-Human Characters That Stole My Heart

So I borrowed this idea from a post I saw recently on a fellow beings blog.
In my defense, the owner of said blog had borrowed the idea from someone else.
This gift just keeps on giving.
Don't you just love recycling? ^-^


#10. Robin Hood

As obvious as the cuteness factor is, let me further elaborate.
He has one of the cutest accents of all the Disney classics.
He's the nicest bad boy in history (gentleman outlaw? yesss).
He is fond of dress up and is a regular master of disguise.
He's The gosh-darn Robin Hood.

Plus he's sensitive and stuff. Girls like sensitive stuff.


#9. The Penguins of Madagascar (aka Private, Kowalski, Rico, and Skipper)

Every time one of these guys open their mouth, I prepare myself for a giggle. Equal part deadly and ridiculous; they're mysterious, classy, and super fly. What's not to love? If they were human, they'd be Double-O status for sure. And speaking of being human...

Not bad boys. Not bad at all...


#8. Stitch

The cutest little alien since I don't know when, Stitch is that mischievous little kid you wished would love and adore you but for some reason continues to put glue in your hair. Stitch and his evilness are especially endearing to us females because he plays into that old "love him and he will be good!" path of reasoning. There is a lot of messy Psychology involved. Just know that basically we love him -because- he's bad.

And this. This is also why we love him.


#7. Mo

One of the more recent additions to the animated world, Mo is the dear neat-freak of the Wall*E world. He's dedicated, motivated, has attitude, and is so serious it's precious. Plus he's like a foot and a half tall. And as you should know by now, anything under 3ft is fair fodder for female affection.

Go ahead. It's ok to "awww"...


#6. Shere Khan

I knew Shere Khan was sexy way before I knew what sexy was.
Yeah he's a villain. Yeah he tried to kill a little orphan boy. So what if he a little skittish around the campfire: He's Shere Khan.
He's freakin' magical guys...
50% of his power is his claws, and the other 50% is in his voice (thank you George Sanders!).

Making snake throttling look like a parlor game since 1967...


#5. Bugs Bunny

This really is a no brainer. Mr. Bunny has been making people laugh since 1940 and the only heart-throb on the list to have his very own star on The Walk of Fame.
Why all the hub bub? He's versatile. He can do it all and all while managing to be the coolest, funniest, and most non-boring rabbit in the known history of the world. Eat your heart out Peter Cottontail.

His powers are multiplied when in drag.


#4. Prince John

I've always found this "bad guy" to be rather endearing due to his harmless and pitiful nature. He's just a sad little momma's boy who throws temper tantrums and sucks on his thumb when things don't going his way. This is what happens when you have an absentee older brother.

Meant to be loved and ridiculed in turn.


#3. Wall*E

Fact: There is more female love for that little robot than all the teenage rage/love of Twilight, the Jonas Brothers, and pixie sticks combined.
As it rightly should be.

Half of you just nearly died from sheer cuteness.


#2. Bagheera

Bagheera is as classy as he is perplexing. Why does a full grown (potentially man-eating) bachelor panther risk life and limb to care for, and then ultimately lose, a tiny little booger if a "man cub"?

We may never know, but his Mr. Mom mentality and general sweetness wins over my heart every time.

Glowing eyes of a Demon + the Heart of a Saint.


#1. Basil of Baker Street

Yes, it's all true. The Great Mouse Detective is my all time biggest non-human crush.
He's stuffy, unaffectionate, neurotic, borderline insane, a closet narcissist and absolutely delightful. He also just happens to be the most interesting animated character of any kid movie yet (Sherlock connection just coincidence? I think not...).

(...also comes in emo...)

Mr. Basil is genius, unstable, dramatic, dashing, thrilling, formal, and hilariously somber in turn.
In fact, this guy is so danged magnetic, people actually feel bad for liking (*cough* obsessing over) this charming fictional mouse.

(...the face of pure and lustful obsession...)

To me, he'll always be that funny man/mouse who made me laugh, sigh, gasp and cheer...and totally should have ended up with Olivia Flaversham despite the near 30 year gap.

I still dream of a sequel... ;D


Honorable Mentions (in no particular order):

Pink Panther


King Julian


Buzz & Woody



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