Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Stupid mumbo jumbo (I'm apt to adopt on occasion)...

I adore this.
Isn't it just fabulous?
Lovely coat.
Darling hat.
Perhaps? Suppose?


I hate it when I start to sound like that.
...Like I'm putting on an air of sophistication I do not rightly posses...
Because you aren't trying to sound smart when you speak this way.
You're trying to sound cultured.


I'm not really sure.
Neither am I really sure why, from time to time, I too adopt this method of expressing myself.

Though to be perfectly honest...it doesn't start to bug me until I finally notice how many other people also write similarly.

What? They say fond too? Like that? Just like me? Excessively?
Not cool.
I think I'll start saying "man" and "dang" more often...

Maybe throw in a "dude" when it's appropriate...?
All I know: I do not want to sound like that anymore.

I do not want to sound like them...

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