Monday, June 4, 2012

Give me a place to stand, and I will move the Earth...

I have officially said adieu to higher education math courses & I have only one thing to say:
Praise the Risen Lord.
Surprisingly, this long journey did not end in bitterness.
Could it be that during the long nights spent in frustration and despair, I {gasp} learned to respect the vocation and discipline? 
Serious props to you who are blessed with the mastery of numerical theories; I envy your prowess in this subject.  
If I wasn't so in love with semi-colons and similes myself, I might try my hand at being a math wizard.
As it stand now though, I'll content myself with scribbled mushing on the profundity of a moss patch and leave the lightening speed mental commuting to the experts.

It's how Einstein would have wanted it.

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Melissa Rampy said...

LOVE reading your posts! You always make me smile! And FYI, I had to leave the "lightening speed mental commuting to the experts" as well!! :-)