Thursday, June 14, 2012

Dylan, my Dylan...

Sorry for the scant postings. Thought I'd share a few visuals and sound bites from my favorite Irishman (Liam Neeson ties with him some days, depending on my mood). <3
Scanning the pictures below you may have recognized him from Shaun of the Dead...but now and forever more I hope you will recognize him for his deadpan hilarity and Irish adorableness.


"What are they really; children? Midget drunks, that's what they are..." 

 "I don't like vegetables. I actually find them morally objectionable, a lot of them."

 "I think that women just have a primeval instinct to make soup, 
which they will try to foist on anybody who looks like a likely candidate."

 "Woman go and get their hair made bullet-proof and get the implants. The silly clothes and the stupid shoes everybody wears now. And they say ”Oh, l enjoy it. l did it for me, you know. l like the fact that it takes me 45 minutes to get in or out of a chair. And l’ve always wanted to look like a prawn who’s being airlifted." lt’s a total lie. That’s not the kind of thing a person does for themselves. You know what l did for me? I had an eclair inside an eclair. That’s the kind of thing you do for yourself." 

And the ever so classic...

 "There's a phenomenon called Irish hair. You can walk into a bar and see four hundred people and they all look like this:"



Thanks for the laughs. ;}

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Melissa Rampy said...

Thank YOU for the laughs! Needed to smile tonight!