Sunday, August 28, 2011

Page to Film:: Gone With The Wind

"Gone With The Wind" is, in every conceivable connotation of the word, an Epic. I grew up watching it but have only now picked up my own copy of the book to enjoy in literature form (which everyone knows is superior right? *laughs*).
To celebrate this momentous occasion (I feel a new favorite book coming on...), a Page to Film of what a contemporary cast might look like after being filtered through the mind of a young-ish lady of southern origin, who loves all things aged and classic, and is secretly a closeted romantic. Enjoy.

"Scarlett O'Hara" ~ Olivia Wilde

My first pick was Emily Blunt. But the more I thought about it, the more it just didn't seem like a good fit. Then I started thinking of leading ladies I had seen recently in movies...Presto. Plus she wins bonus points for being Irish-American.
Runner-up: Emily Blunt or (for an even younger Scarlett) Camilla Belle if she had the talent.

"Rhett Butler" ~ Dermot Mulroney

Despite the obvious rugged good looks, Mr. M also appears to possess the ability to be a mean, dastardly, and cruel -as well as- charming, dashing, and hilarious Rhett. He could never out-do Clark Gable...but then we've only mere mortals left in Hollywood these days. *sigh* He'd do well though.
Runner-up: Collin Farrell (ok not really, but a girl can dream right?).

"Ashley Wilkes" ~ James McAvoy

I think Ashley was the toughest role to fill, actually. He needed to be attractive, but finding that middle ground between rugged and effeminate in this particular age-group was challenging. I think us ladies will agree, however, that James McAvoy isn't too hard on the eyes but then doesn't remind you of your junior high boy band crush either. Score.
Runner-up: Ryan Gosling.

"Melanie Wilkes" ~ Justine Waddell

Melanie is such a wholesome and vulnerable character, it was also hard to find her likeness in today's actors what with all the vixen-esque barbie dolls with the doe-eyes and poofy lips. Justine has the sweet look and acting chops and could really make the character believable.
Runner-up: Jessica Chastain (I love her but I'm saving her for a better role!).

"Mammy" ~ ???

After racking my brains for hours, I could not think of a single actress suitable for the role that was in Mammy's proper age-frame(partly because I'm not even sure what Mammy's age-frame is...but guessing? Middle-age?). Suggestions most welcome. Any actress that plays this part has amazingly big shoes to fill, no doubt.

"Prissy" ~ Vanessa Lee Chester

Confession: I love the character of Prissy. Such an unforgettable portrayal of a "side character" does not often happen. Ms. Vanessa is actually an amazing actress, imho. Why she doesn't get more roles is mind-boggling. She could pull Prissy off easy.

"Gerald O'Hara" ~ Tom Wilkinson

Astoundingly amazing actor, period. Can't go wrong here.
Runner-up: Michael Gambon.

Just my take. Obviously there are many other roles to be filled (Scarlett's mother, sisters, and ex-husbands to name a few), and very likely many "unknowns" that would play the part exquisitely. If you're one of them, just cross your little fingers because if Hollywood ever does decide to play with that loaded's do or die, baby. But then, no matter what...

...tomorrow is another day. <3

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