Tuesday, June 14, 2011

More of an "Altered Art" kinda gal...

I love old stuff.
If you've spent more than five minutes reading my posts, you might have picked up on that.
But something else I love (and my mother makes fun of me for) is taking old stuff and rejuvenating it in a sense.
Making it new, improving it.

However I'm not the type that buys 50+ year old stuff, chops it up, glues it back together, then points dramatically and declares it to be "progressive".
Mine is more of a subtle approach.
Case in point:
The sixth most awesome thing I've ever made in my life. Behold...


(courtesy of WittyVintage via Etsy)


(courtesy of my imagination)

I'm kind of in love with the thing actually.
Oh the joy and ease and satisfaction of altered art...<3

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