Saturday, April 18, 2009

I won a Contest!

I got first place!
Oh, the it stings (read a few posts down and you'll understand). *smile*
But still I'm happy and I'm going to share with you my winning piece. Written at a time when I was greatly missing my the years when I was a little girl, and mainly the days I shared with my three older brothers. Hope you enjoy!

"When Did this Happen?"-Caitlin R.

When did this happen? When did things change?

Wasn't it just yesterday that we were making tepees in the backyard? The lumber old and rotting and yet to us they were beautiful,grinning with glee as we peered out at each other through the gaps between the boards.

When did this happen? When did we get older?

Has it truly been that long since we climbed the Mulberry tree? Our feet stained crimson after trampling the ripe fruit. Climbing ever higher in hopes of reaching the top. I never got very far but instead watched as you passed from branch to branch with skill.

When did this happen? When did we stop playing?

When I was the princess and you the warriors? Sitting quietly on the bed while all of you battled for ultimate victory. Light-sabers,swords,guns and superpowers. Play fights turned to real fights that no one ever won. I watched by the sidelines, never understanding why these pretend duals were so important.

When did this happen? When did we forget?

That every shiny stone should be saved?
That pennies are priceless.
That playgrounds are Castles.
That a water hoes is a Rainbow maker.
That cut,scrapes, and bruises are meant to be treasured battle scars.
That a box filled with old clothes meant a play has yet to be born.
That love has no agenda, that forgiveness is given unbegrudedly.
And that every day should be lived to the fullest and that no one is ever left out.

Don't you remember? Have you forgotten?

Yes, I know you have. At least for now you have. Your world is so exciting now but in a different kind of way. I know things have changed and most of the time I'm glad but still some times I miss it: those precious few days of my youth. I see now that you are all on your way to adulthood which means I too will soon follow.

Is it OK, to be scared? Is it OK to feel stuck?

Reaching out to my future while still grasping tightly to my past. Afraid to let go, afraid to forget. But at least I have you to go before, to make a way, to clear the path. To tell me its OK, to cheer me on, to hold my hand. Because things will change and already have, and I'm ready to face what life has to give me, if you'll promise to help me out.

But tell me, when did this happen? When did we grow up?

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