Friday, March 13, 2009

Lovelier still...


A teal feathered bird, shimmering in the glow of the morning sun.
Gold and green sheen...the colors tease the light.
It's long neck dipping gracefully; up and down, up and down.
It prances on it's perch, gilded gold all around, up and down, up and down.

Framed by twirling wire, intricately wrapped.
Tenderly embraced by cool dripping ivy.
Crowned with tiny Rose buds, curling their delicate leaves even in sleep.
The jewel-toned wings shiver within the gilded dome.
A prisoner to beauty because of it's own.


The breeze dancing with sheer satin curtains, exposing a pale marble balcony.
Strong thick pillars encircling...
Sunshine lit petals float through the gaps, falling soft on the stone.
To die here at last, a tribute to beauty.

So like the song of a teal feathered bird
Wrapped in a dome
Twisted in gold.
Near to the curtains, it's coo echos thru halls...
The delicate tune haunts the soul.


A bed lies in pillar striped shadows,
Warm rays reaching out to warm the cold cushions.
Swollen in satin, lavished by lace, swimming in silk,
Beaded, embroidered, perfumed...
Jewel tones and Earth tones and Sky tones and Star tones,
The colors colliding around a still figure...alone...

A girl...sunlight unlocks the secrets of her face.
Her lips parted slightly, her breathing, she tastes morning air.
Her eyes shut, lashes quiver lightly on her cheek pale pink.
Her hair spills across her face, her closed eyes turned blind to the balcony.
The breeze blows the petals through the curtains, singing to those inside,
The petals waltz across the room, softly kissing all they touch.
A teal tinted feather swirls above her head and lands in her hair.
Liquid eyes open, blinking in the light.
Gilded gold all around.


Her slender fingers close around the velvet down.
Twirling the feather against her lips, she smiles.
A smile drowned in sorrow...her eyes sing of tears.
A teal feathered bird stares from it's chamber,
Watching the strange creature that lies,
Always covered in its own strange plumage; beaded and sown.
But today it moves...flight on it's mind?

Her feet feel lightly for the frozen floor.
Trembling she moves across an icy Mosaic that graces the ground.
Towards the bird, towards the breeze, towards the sun.
Towards life.
To freedom.
Grasping the cage, gilded and golden, she tears at the ivy,
Thorns cut at her flesh.
She sweeps past the curtains, stained in her hurry,
Parting the petals that wait there, to die.


She leans on a pillar and opens the cage that has long held them both,
Now granting release from a life lived imprisoned.
The teal colored bird coos in it freedom,
It bows it's neck, golden green,
joy and sadness mingles in its song
She hums along...
Tucking a bloodied teal feather in her hair braided.

Wings and finger stretch, hair and feathers stir, eyes stare...set.
Lovely is the vision of a bird that soars towards the sun.
Up and down, up and down,
But the bird doesn't fly alone...

...We witness the flight of a once captive soul.

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