Monday, March 30, 2009

Dance with Me?

Look at me?

Oh please just look my way.

You come in late and sit, now I wish you'd always stay.

My heart pulls in your direction, ignoring does no good

So I ask you to a dance, tho I doubt you ever would.

Mischief dances in your eyes as you stare into my own,

Look at me...and show me love I've never known

Dance with me?

While we share this festive night.

Lead me to the dance floor, music our only time.

I've known you just for moments, now forever's on my mind

As the stars take forms of fireflies, the swirling twirling kind.

Your eyes look so piercing, I'm afraid to stare too close.

But won't you dance with me...before the sun becomes our host.

Walk with me?

Down this path I've never been.

Swear I'm the only girl and I'll tease of other men.

Take me in your arms and steal a kiss when no one sees,

Promise to protect me as you scare away the bees.

Murmur soft and low while tucking flowers in my hair,

Won't you walk with me...while we're young, and gay, and fair.

Vow with me?

In this Church beneath the trees.

I walk between our families, yet it's only you I see.

Take my hand in yours, and raise it to your lips,

Preachers says that's cheating for it's not yet time to kiss.

Smiling a wicked smile you'll say you've tasted it before.

Won't you vow with me..."for richer or for poor".

Strive with me?

As we face this world together.

If I cry when baby grows, swear I'm lite as a feather.

Share with me your nightmares so I'll tell you of my fears,

Laugh and tell me "it's ok" when I cover you in tears.

I don't care about the jewelry, tell me secrets in their stead.

Will you strive with me...'til the earth becomes our bed.

Sit with me?

When it's all that's left to do

Since the day the children left, I saw you crying too.

Our voices getting soft and our gray is showing stronger,

I worry when you hurt, you joke "We don't got much longer".

Our lives now slow but meaningful, our love that hasn't waned

Please sit with me...and call me lovely once again.

Stay with me?

As my eyes blur with the these tears.

You lie so still and quiet as you talk about our years.

How you fell in love with me the day I asked you for a dance,

My laugh had sealed your fate; "You didn't give me much of a chance".

You wink then murmur softly of my pretty braided hair...

Oh please...please just stay with me...I need you more than I can bare.

Look at me?

Please just touch me one last time?

Hold me in your arm and tell me that you're mine.

Cover me in kisses 'fore the earth can cover you.

Brush away these tears just like you always used to do.

Gaze into my eyes as you twirl me 'round these stones.

Because, since before that day you looked, I've never been so alone.

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Anonymous said...

I absolutly LOVE this one! :)