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Page To Film :: Bram Stoker's "Dracula"

Hello again!
Been ages since I did one of these {see here for some previous P2F goodness}, and I confess that this time I went through quite a few casts before I settled on the one to follow below {my first round of pickings were perhaps a bit too mature (i.e. Ralph Fiennes as Jack Seward), and my seconds were a bit too "pretty"(i.e. Alice Eve as Lucy)}. 

Eventually though, I puzzled through the many options and have now settled on a cast that I believe would best represent the characters as they were in Stoker's original story.

And so, without any more blibber-blabber, please enjoy my latest casting conjecture for Bram Stoker's "Dracula".

_____△ Beware - Mild Spoilers Below △_____

Count Dracula
 A Transylvanian noble who, after purchasing a house in London, asks
Jonathan Harker to visit him in his castle to do business with him.
 Michael Fassbender 
{Pale and icy looking in the beginning, Fassbender's Dracula should look like 
he'd been cut from marble; only slowly taking on color and beauty with each kill}

In Vampire Mode:
{please don't ask me how I found this I really have no idea}

Jonathan Harker
A solicitor sent to do business with Count Dracula; also Mina's fiancé.
Matthew Macfadyen
{Great actor who would nail the whole normal-joe-in-abnormal-situation schtick 
and overall just be incredibly believable as Jonathan}

Wilhelmina "Mina" Harker
A schoolteacher and Jonathan Harker's fiancée.
Daniela Denby-Ashe 
{Loved her in "North & South" and think she would be the perfect Mina 
and counterpart to Macfadyen's Jonathan. Liking the idea of her as a brunette Mina too}

Prof. Abraham Van Helsing
 A Dutch professor and vampire hunter. Jack Seward's former teacher.
 Bruno Ganz
 {Fantastic actor. Just add spectacles and bam - 
the best Van Helsing God could ever give us}

 A lawyer whom Dracula turned mad. Mental patient of Dr. Seaward.
Andy Serkis
 {Can't imagine anyone else doing near as great a job as he would portraying Reinfield
My favorite "Dracula" character and I just know he would knock it out of the park}

Dr. John "Jack" Seward
 A doctor at a mental asylum; one of Lucy's suitors 
and a former student of Dr Abraham Van Helsing.
 Tom Hiddleston
 {I'm thinking glasses, slicked over black hair, and some sort of thin mustache or goatee.  
Can't have Hiddleston being both brilliant and attractive as the somewhat clueless doctor... ^-^}

 Lucy Westenra
 A 19-year-old aristocrat; Mina's best friend and Arthur's eventual fiancée.
 Imogen Poots
{Loved her sassy self in Jane Eyre and think she would make both a lovely living
 representation of Lucy, as well as a terrifying and beautiful immortal one}

Quincey Morris
An American cowboy and explorer; and one of Lucy's suitors.
  Jason Dohring 
{With slightly longer hair and a touch of southern drawl, Dohring would make a fantastic  
Quincey and provide that much needed comic relief with flair}

Arthur Holmwood
Lucy's suitor and later fiancé.
 Rupert Friend
{Enjoyed him in "The Young Victoria" and think he would 
be excellent as Lucy's suitor, fiancé, and later, avenger}


 Hope you enjoyed the latest "Page to Film". :)
Stay Tuned:  
Next up will be a modern recasting of E.M. Forster's "A Room With a View".  

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