Thursday, November 1, 2012

Buster Keaton ~ I Fell In Love With Melancholy

Ladies and Gents! 
Another name to be added to my "Childhood Crushes" list:

<><> Buster Keaton <><>

Do we love him because he's awkward?
Or is he awkward because we love him?

I am not as privy to Mr. Keaton's film career as I would like to be, 
but that is something I hope to remedy soon.
So while you're here, enjoy these snapshots/film snippets of the great comic himself.
{{friendly warning: fan-girly .gifs ahead}}



Cheeky. ;}

We've all been there...

It cannot be denied. The man has great hair.

Forever the underdog.

How lucky we are for his bad luck! ^-^

What a sad, strange little man...

Master of Comedy

Master of Pathos

What a beautiful, melancholy mess.

That famous mope...

 ...In all its manifestations...

...Plays well on the heartstrings.

That such an odd man...

...Could be loved by so many...

...Gives hope to the beautiful weirdo in all of us. ^-^

We love you for you are us...

...And we always and forever will.

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