Friday, October 19, 2012

Favorite Couples - Part IV || Bogart & Bacall

Shocking though it may seem, I am actually a new convert to the Humphrey Bogart/Lauren Becall fan camp. 
However, the first time I saw "The Big Sleep" I was sold.
The Hollywood Couple. All others are pretenders. 
Enjoy their chemistry below:

So much class, I think I'm blushing.
...Beautiful people...

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Thaddeus said...

I am not a recent convert to Bogey/Bacall, but I love them dearly. I'm glad that you fell under their spell, too - and that it happened as it did with me, by watching The Big Sleep (one of my all-time favorites). They are great together in all of their films, but tBS is really the apex of it.

Thank you so much for these great pictures. I'm using them for a post next week, and I'm thankful that you appreciate them like I do and that you took the time to collect these fine photos.